Techniques of Teaching Listening

26 Jun

Harmer (1983) states that listening as a different skill to writing. In listening, the listener cannot see what he was listening, but could only listen.

Listening ability is one of skill in English language lessons to mater the skills of students with three others, namely reading, writing, and listening. From experience and discussion with several students, many who find it difficult to reach the expected competent in this skills. Often, in practice, teachers are less able to teach listening that is easily understod by students. This resulted in many students who failed the exam and had to repeat listening.

Therefore, a teacher who is the facilitator should have the skills to be able to make students feel easy in the study of listening. There are several techniques that can be done by teachers when teaching listening in the classroom, including :

  1. Filling the Gap

This technique can be done by way of emptying a few words in a paragraph or dialogue.Ask students to listen to text spoken by the teacher or the tape and fill that empty words are.

  1. Picture Guessing

This technique can be done by guessing the image according to an oral text that was read or heard.

  1. Finding Mistakes

The technique is done by asking and listening to spoken text underlined words that do not correspond with the spoken text.

  1. Choosing Menu

The technique is done by asking students to select the menu corresponding to the spoken text.

  1. Rearranging Sentences / Paragraph

The technique is done by giving the sentence or paragraph hiatus to students. Students are asked to listen to the spoken text and make sentences / paragraphs to be true.

  1. Matching

The technique is done by breaking the conversation into two parts. The first part contains half a sentence and the second half of the sentence. Then students are asked to listen to the text of the conversation and then match the first and second corresponding text conversation.

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