Definition of Listening

26 Jun

Listening is the ability to understand what others say and why they have to said it.


Listening is an active proccess of understanding the text by activating various kinds of knowledge, such as background knowledge (knowledge of the content), grammatical (knowledge of the language), phonological knowledge (knowledge of sounds) and knowledge based on learners experience.


Listening skills have not been given much importance like other aspects of communication skills, but it is true that listening skills play a major role in the success of one’s communication skills. Only a good listener can be a good speaker. Nobody has been loaded or programmed with good speaking skills at the time of birth. A baby starts speaking, only by listening to the words spoken by his family members. So a child first learns to speak his mother tongue and then other languages like English, Spanish, French etc. But the curiosity found in a baby to learn the language does not last very long as he starts to grow up. Slowly a child develops an ego by thinking that he is a good speaker and that he should speak and others should listen to him. However, this simple thing can be so difficult to do unless you are aware of the need of listening. therefore, the things that makes listening skills importance, include :

  • Language learning depends on Listening.
  • Speaking does not constitute communication by itself unless what is said is comprehended by another person.
  • Listening is used far more  than any other single language skill in normal daily life
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