18 Jun


Gerund is the “ing” form of the verb that functions as “noun”.
The usage of grammar are:

  1. As Subject
  2. As Object/after certain verb (admit, appreciate, carry on, etc)
  3. As Complement
  4. After preposition
  5. Short Forbidance
  6. Compound Word (kata majemuk)
  7. After Verb Phrase


1. As Subject
– Swimming is a healthy sport
– Dancing is my hobby

2. As Object
– I like swimming

3. As Complement
– My hobby is swimming

4. After Preposition
(in, at, on, after, before, etc)
– After watching TV, I went to bed.

5. Short Forbidance
– No smoking !
– No Parking !

6. Compound Word
– Swimming pool
– Fitting room
– Dining room
– Living room

7. After Verb Phrase
– look forward to + verb ing
– be/get used to + verb ing
– be/get accustomed to + verb ing
– object to + verb ing (menolak)
– confess to + verb ing (mengakui)
– it’s no use + verb ing (tak ada gunanya)

Source” My note.

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